Яхтенная школа. Яхта вод парусами.

~ Sailing ~

Become a Sailboat Captain



This is a basic sailing yacht skipper course, which allows you to learn the basics of sailing, enough to go to sea on its own and obtain your first international yacht license.

At our school you will gain more than just knowledge and maritime experience - you will become a part of a big yachting family, a continuer of nautical traditions.

Interparus School is primarily focused on training future yacht owners and family crews, so the training programme includes an online theory course and small group maritime practice. This approach allows us to achieve high quality training and effectively prepare our cadets for independent sailing.

want to become a yacht captain?

~How to start?~


обучение в яхтенной школе


Enroll in an INTERPARUS school

Submit an application HERE or on the page of the course you are interested in and become a cadet of Interparus School.


Theory course

Take the 10 lessons of the theory course online. During the course you are constantly doing exercises and acquiring real knowledge. At the end of the course you will take an exam.



Boost your skills on an intensive maritime practice course, a week at one of our bases. Groups of 2-3 cadets, individual approach.



Get your Inshore Skipper license and you can sail your own yacht or charter yachts anywhere in the world.

We issue indefinite licenses.


Our approach

The main problem of most "ru" speaking sailing schools is their adherence to the Soviet system of education: students are "marinated" in the classroom, overloaded with theory. And by the time they go to sea, the necessary knowledge is completely erased from their heads.

At Interparus we have decided to follow the path of maximum efficiency and benefit for our students. The best Western schools (e.g. DHH or Les Glenans) give their students only the bare minimum of theory, with most of the time spent on practice. And it is reasonable, because new knowledge is much faster and more firmly fixed in the memory when it is intensively applied in practice under the supervision of an experienced instructor, who is always ready to support and insure.

Also an experience we have learned from the old European schools is to start training on yachts no larger than 40 feet. This allows the beginners to not be afraid of the yacht and to feel its size.»

Sasha Goron, Interparus Founder

Саша Горон

~Our team ~

interparus instructors

Алексей Бурлаков инструктор яхтенной школы

OleKSII Burlakov

Senior Instructor

Excellent skipper-instructor and experienced specialist in family yacht cruises. Videographer, journalist and the soul of the Interparus YouTube channel.

Саша Горон инструктор яхтенной школы

Sasha Goron

Interparus Founder

The main dreamer and inspirer, the man who made it all come true, the founder of INTERPARUS sailing school.

Константин Рогозин инструктор яхтенной школы

Konstantin Rogozin


Since childhood in sailing, thousands of miles of charter and racing under his belt, graduated many students. Leading instructor of Interparus School.

Юрий Константировский инструктор яхтенной школы

Yuri Konstantinovsky


Experienced skipper, specializing in the large yacht operation. Excellent mechanic, knows the structure of the yacht like no one else. Chief of our base in Montenegro.

Юрий Константировский инструктор яхтенной школы

Андрей Горбач


С детства в спортивном яхтинге. Имеет не малый опыт  гонок. Хорошо разбирается в морской рыбалке и любит управлять любыми судами, на которых есть паруса.

Константин Богатков инструктор яхтенной школы

Konstantin Bogatkov


Skipper and experienced yacht instructor. He knows the Dodecanese and Turkey from Finike to Cesme better than his apartment.

Theory course program

The course is delivered both face-to-face in the classroom and online in an ongoing interactive format with the instructor.

The course includes the required materials for the Skipper and Radio Operator qualifications.

  • Sailing yacht construction and nautical terminology;
  • Determining the ship's position;
  • navigation;
  • route planning;
  • IALA-A and IALA-B systems;
  • yacht operation;
  • tides, ebbs and flows;
  • COLREGS - 72 (International Regulations for the Prevention of Collision between Ships);
  • navigation, working with a nautical chart and orienteering at sea;
  • anchoring;
  • VHF - radio operator and marine communications course;
  • nautical knots.

No rote learning! Just the right knowledge!

яхтенная школа Черногория, обучение капитанов яхт
теория яхтинга онлайн, парусная школа Интерпарус
Обучение яхтингу, права международного класса, школа ISSA

Our maritime practice bases

яхтенная школа во франции

La Rochelle

яхтенная школа в Турции


яхтенная школа в черногории

Porto Montenegro

яхтенная школа во франции

Côte d'Azur

яхтенная школа во франции
школа яхтенных капитанов
школа яхтенных капитанов
обучение яхтингу - морская практика

Maritime Internship Program

An intensive hands-on course to skipper and VHF radio operator level.

Maritime practice is conducted in groups of up to 3 people on the Mediterranean: Turkey and Montenegro, and in groups of 2 people on the Atlantic: France - La Rochelle. on the Atlantic coast: France - La Rochelle.

  • the construction of a sailing yacht;
  • safety and behavior on board;
  • rigging and nautical knots;
  • preparing the yacht before going to sea;
  • operation of the yacht under the engine;
  • stern mooring, in and out of the marina;
  • lag mooring and refueling of the yacht;
  • operation of the yacht under sail;
  • Setting and retracting sails, heading into the wind;
  • turns and maneuvers under sail, basics of sail setting;
  • Reefing (reducing sail area) and preparing the boat for stronger winds;
  • fine-tuning the sails;
  • navigating at sea and plotting a route on a map;
  • anchoring;
  • buoyage;
  • night passage.

Only MODERN yachts!

Maritime practice formats


The traditional format of a one-week maritime practice intensive used in most modern sailing schools.

The only difference is that we are limited to 3 cadets on the boat instead of the usual 6-8.

As a result, you get more attention from the instructor and much more opportunity to operate the boat and practice all the necessary exercises.

We typically use small yachts up to 40 feet, the smaller displacement allows cadets to learn mooring skills more quickly.

In this practice format, the instructor and cadets live on the boat and follow a training route.

Now, Master training is available at our bases in Turkey and Montenegro.



The premium format of the one-week course is more typical of large European schools such as DHH or Les Glenans.

Master Pro is an individual intensive during which the cadets work as close as possible with the instructor. Therefore, we allow no more than 2 cadets per boat.

This format is perfect for future boat owners, as the training takes place immediately in tidal conditions, allowing you to learn the most advanced mooring techniques.

The cadets live ashore* near our home marina. The group goes to sea twice a day for intensive practical skills training.

Master Pro training is now only available at our Interparus ATLANTIQUE base in La Rochelle.

*Hotel is not included in the cost of marine practice;

Learn Price >>

What's the RESULT?

As a result of the study you will receive an International Skipper's Certificate


This is a basic sailing license for the operation of a sailboat up to 24m, up to 20 nm from shore, day and night.
+ VHF Short Range Certificate

Get your license and travel the world on a yacht!

The course price

~Inshore Skipper~

Maritime Practice Formats:


Master PRO

Theory course

290 €

The theoretical training course is runs On-Line. It is not a recording, but a constant live dialog with the instructor.

Classes are based on the author's program of Interparus Sailing School.

Groups of up to 5 people.The course includes 10 classes of 2 hours + Exam.

Classes are conducted by ISSA certified instructors.


Maritime practice


1760 €

Master's course is an intensive practical course at our bases in Turkey or Montenegro, with the level of Inshore Skipper and VHF radio operator.

3 cadets on a yacht. Accommodation on the yacht.

One week of maritime practice at one of our bases in Turkey or Montenegro - and you are ready to take the yacht helm on your own.

*expenses in marinas and provisions per boat not included


2560 €

Personalized Master-Pro Intensive to the level of sailboat skipper and VHF radio operator.

No more than 2 cadets on the boat. Maximum attention from the instructor.

7 days of maritime practice in France in La Rochelle
or on the Côte d'Azur

*hotel not included



190 €

As a result of training you will receive ISSA Inshore Skipper Certificate and ISSA VHF Short Range Radio Operator Certificate

ISSA certification allows you to operate a sailboat up to 24m in length, both day and night, up to 20nm from shore.

We issue permanent licenses, they do not need to be renewed every 5 years.






Are there any limitations on participation?


How many students are in the theory group?


What materials will I receive during the theoretical course?


If I can't come to the theory class, will I be tutored individually?


What kind of yacht license do you issue ?


How long does the training take in total ?


How many students are on one boat for marine practice?


If not the whole group gets together, will training be provided?


I've heard that a lot of yachting schools teach on older yachts? What's your situation?


A week of practice... Isn't it a little short? I've seen other schools offer 10 or even two weeks.


Will we visit many places of interest during practice? Who chooses the route?


If a spouse wants to train as a skipper or sailor is this possible?


What will I have to pay extra for during the internship?


How long do I have to wait for my license after the practical exam?

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It's time to take the helm
and go forward to the call of your heart!

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